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Cannot figure out how a student can resubmit an assignment

Michelle Armbrust

I have a student who is allowed a retry on a video assignment. The teacher has allowed a retry. I am the mentor, and I have no idea how to help her resubmit the assignment. We have tried right clicking on the first video but it will not delete. We cannot access the video recorder icon in the activity window so that she can redo the assignment because of the current assignment there. I need to know STEP-BY-STEP how a student would remove the first video assignment, redo the assignment, and then resubmit the assignment. I have asked the teacher many times how to redo this assignment and he just keeps telling me that she can resubmit the assignment. I understand that she CAN resubmit the assignment. What I need to know is exactly HOW does she go about doing this? There is no CUT option when you right click on it. Thank you for your help.

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Cheryl Bell

We need help with this as well... please advise. 

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Thank you for reaching out! 

If the teacher has granted a retry it will indicate this within the student app with a retry symbol (a counter clockwise half circle with an arrow head) next to the activity within the student's activity stream and the activity player.

Once the student does access the activity, they should see their video. To remove it and make edits the student will need to select within the content editing frame to the right of the video for the editor toolbar to appear and to make edits to the content. Doing so the user may use their backspace button on their keyboard to remove the video and submit a new one. 

If Buzz isn't allowing the student to re-submit the activity then the teacher will need to grant the student a retry. 

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