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Content Templates Break on Mac

Jason Albertson

I've had two reports over the weekend that content templates aren't loading correctly on Macs. Both reports said the issue occurred in both Google Chrome and Safari.

The issue: the iframes for the content templates begin to load, but fail before their height is set correctly, so they're stuck at 150px height.

Is this a known bug with Macs?

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Jason:

I am not aware of this behavior pertaining to a bug within Macs. If this behavior is still occurring I recommend submitting a ticket to Agilix Support to investigate.  

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Jason Albertson

We got it solved. For some reason, in both Safari and Chrome, the iframe that contains the content template in the player would fail to set its height when the page loaded, so it would just show the top 200px of the content. When the student refreshes the whole page, it usually loads okay, though sometimes a second refresh is necessary. Since this question, I've heard from several others who also experienced the problem on Windows, so it's not just a Mac thing.

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