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New Buzz Player - Rubric item display change

Jason Albertson

In many of our courses, we use rubrics that were created ages ago.

With the old Buzz player, the rubrics displayed like this for students:

With the new Buzz player, the rubrics display like this for students:

I think this issue may have actually happened in the transition from Brainhoney to Buzz, and we're just discovering it now. Even with the old player, the titles are missing from the rubric editor for an assignment:

Is there an easy way for us to fix this, some simple way to move the data that's currently in rubric content slots to rubric title slots? As it is, the rubric content that manages to display with the old player isn't even accessible via the rubric editor, and in the new player, the only place the content shows up is in the teacher's grading view.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Jason:

Is this behavior still an issue or have you already edited your content to work well within the new Buzz UI? 

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