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Reprocess CopyCourse Command

Michael Denton

Is there a way to reprocess a CourseCopy command which erred?

Course 121839816 was created from 120223920 and the SourceID is there but, the resulting course has no content at all. Normally I would simply delete the malformed course and copy it again but, it wasn't noticed until students were enrolled in a subsequent copy and integration with the SIS tied users to several points in the course. It would be very helpful if altering the SourceID and changing it back, or some other trick, could reset the content.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hey Michael!

Unfortunately there isn't a way to do that. What you could do is re-copy the course(s) and move the enrollments to the other course and manually enter their student grades. Or, copy courses and change the baseID of previous copied courses to that of the newly copied course (only if they have the same activity ID between courses). The first option would be less risky to the integrity of data. 

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