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grading on phone

Katie Picket

In Brainhoney I could log in on my phone and access my grading queue. In Buzz I can see the queue and can select the assignments, I can put in a score and leave a comment--- But there is no way to see the submission.I can't zoom out or scroll to it. Is there a way to quickly grade an assignment submission on a phone or is that not an option in Buzz?

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hey Katie!

Buzz is optimized for performance on devices with a screen width of at least 1024px (e.g., netbooks, tablets). While some tools may function properly on a smaller device, others may not. As such, for ease of use, you may want to perform these actions on a device with a larger screen width.

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Katie Picket

That's unfortunate. Being able to grade an assignment quickly when I'm away from my computer is an important feature and something that worked fine in Brainhoney and every other LMS I have used. I wish you could bring back the option. It doesn't have to be perfect, but even if I could click on the assignment and view it in a new window on my phone it would make life so much easier. There are times when students want to test and I need to check one last thing. I don't want to camp by my computer for it to come in. 

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