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Embedding a video (.mp4 format or .mov format) in a Rich Text activity

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Varshini G


Is there a way to embed a .mp4 or a .mov file in a Rich text activity? Currently I am seeing options only for Youtube video embedding capability.


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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

No, there is not a way to embed a video resource from your course resources. Videos must be hosted externally to embed into a course.

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Varshini G

Thanks Brad!

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Sam Martinez

I am going to reopen this thread and start with saying the following....

Now that AI has opened doors to teachers, it seems illogical to have this not be an option.  I have created HTML code that should run and pull a video from google drive and it also prohibits right-click, fast forward, and scrolling forward.

I do not believe it to be overly difficult to allow teachers to also be content creators (no different than your outsourced curriculum providers that you allow to display videos on their boxed curriculums).  We should be able to upload our videos to our own library in Agilix and/or pull from our google drive library and play into a player that allows for functions on the video player to be toggled on and off depending on preference.

I should also be able to submit this into any assignment type, especially the "assessment" type so that I can give remedial instructions for math concepts (as an example).

I feel like we are in 2024 now... Teachers have iPads and can screencapture as well as any of the creators that sit in an office and are not in the actual classroom.

Just my $0.02.

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Sam Martinez

I will add that my above HTML does not work on Agilix... because of whatever crazy reason .....

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