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Getting 403 Forbidden Error

Pannucci, Heather

I keep getting the 403 Forbidden Error when I try to login to Buzz. Anyone else?

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Pannucci:

I am sorry to hear this. Are you still encountering this behavior? If so, could you share a screenshot of the error that is encountered with the hidden dialogue button (if available) expanded to show additional information of the error? 

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Jessica K.

I also get the same error.  It says the app is not enabled for this user.  I can't get a hold of anyone at the school.  How can I correct this?


Request Details

  • pli=1
  • idpid=C01aygwwz
  • SAMLRequest=fZBBS8QwEIX/ypJ72rQmbju0hQUvCwqi4sGLpOloA2lSM6ks++tt18t68Tjz5nvvMQ3pyc1wWNLon/BrQUq70+Q8wUVo2RI9BE2WwOsJCZKB58PDPZSZgDmGFExw7Ar5n9BEGJMNnu2Ody17L3szGFNXXONeclkWitdiGHjRy17jbVEq2bPdK0ZamZatFitItODRU9I+rStRCi4qLtRLoUDWcFNkStWy3ldv2+3jGmm/sWUf2hGyrtlKwsUjdmNKM0Ge69lm+tM6e+qX8zkzYcq3yrkZtR8cxuCd9djk1+zv9Pd13Q8=
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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hey Jessica! 

I am sorry that you have not been able to reach out to school to address this behavior. That is the process I recommend is reach out to the education organization and if needed they can escalate the issue with Agilix Support. It sounds like it could be an issue with the SSO provider handling users that are interacting with the system. Without reproduction steps it will be difficult to confirm the issue.   

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