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Grading Odds/Evens only

Roman Kozak

Is there any way to take a completed quiz or exam and have it grade the odds only? For example, if a 100 point exam has been completed, is there a way to have a final grade reflect odds only? Right now, I have to go in manually, count the correct points and total points for odds, and then figure out the percentage. I then have to take that percentage for odds only and convert that to points for the 100 point exam. So after going through each question, if a a score is 37/49 in grading odds only (76%), I then have to edit the final score to reflect a 76/100.

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Bruce Sharp

I think an easier way to do that would be through the analytics screen. You can scroll down to see the results for each question. If you click on the arrow in front of a question to open the details you should see the link to remove the question from the score. If you remove all of the even questions then only the odd questions will count towards students' scores. You won't need to manually look at each test and hand-calculate scores.


Jeremy Walker

Bruce's suggestion should work UNLESS you scrambled the order of the questions. Then you wouldn't be able to ascertain for certain that the question you removed was actually an odd question on an individual's test.

Bruce Sharp

Good call Jeremy. :)

The analytics screen will always show the questions in the order you see them in your master copy. As Jeremy pointed out, if you scramble the question order then every student would have different even and odd questions. I guess I jumped to the conclusion that you would be eliminating the same questions for every student.

Roman Kozak

When you refer to analytics screen, can you point me the quick way to get to what you're looking at? Thank you!

Bruce Sharp

Sure :)

Go to your gradebook. Click on the title of the test (or whatever activity you want to look at).


This takes you to the "Activity Grader" screen. Click on the "Analytics" tab.


You will see statistics for your activity. Scroll down until you see the questions. Click on the drop-down arrow for a particular question to see details.

Roman Kozak

Bruce, this is great! 

However - one more question. This seems to be for all students. Is it possible to do this for only one student? (for accommodation purposes)

Thanks again!

Bruce Sharp

I know Agilix has added features to Buzz for IEP's and accommodations. I haven't used them though so I'm not sure what those features can do, nor how to use them.

What I would do is use the People tool to create a new group for this student. (I'm sure someone else can provide more explicit instructions than me for how to do that. I don't do it often enough to get into more detail.)

Then I would duplicate my test and rename the duplicate Unit 1 Test M or something like that so I know it's for modification. Now the regular test can be made visible to the gen ed students with the M version hidden and the original hidden with the M version visible for the IEP student.

Since the IEP student is the only one who took the M version it will show up as a separate column in the gradebook. Any questions you remove would only affect the M test.

However, once you make the duplicate test it is probably easier to just delete half of the questions before the student even takes the test. That way they aren't answering extra questions and they don't have to remember to skip the even numbered questions.

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