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IMS Package import functionality

Chad T. Lower

A few months ago, we were looking at textbooks for a course update we are doing. As part of that process, a publisher was offering coursepacks with their books. We wanted to see what was contained in the coursepack, so we made a few dummy courses in Brainhoney and uploaded their Blackboard 9 coursepack and their IMSCC coursepack. The layout of the IMSCC coursepack was nicer than the BB coursepack, but when importing the IMSCC coursepack, the questions didn't load in a vocabulary matching quiz, but the BB version did have the questions for the matching quiz.

Fast forward to today when we decided which book/publisher to use and are trying to create the "real" course in Buzz. I imported the IMSCC coursepack successfully, but the questions are still not showing in the vocabulary matching quiz assignment. I tried to import the BB coursepack, and it looked like it was accepted, but when I went to view any of the pages, I received an error.

It looks like I can no longer access the Brainhoney website to try to import the coursepacks that way, so what solutions do you have for me to prep my course?

As a side note, the IMSCC coursepack has other quizzes as well (pre-reading quiz, chapter quiz) and these imported successfully (at least as far as we can tell), so it isn't all quizzes that won't load; just the vocabulary matching quiz.

Thank you for any help you can provide!

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Chad T. Lower

I noticed that the two discussion posts created before mine and the two discussion posts created after mine all have comments made, but mine was missed somehow. I'm hoping that by posting a comment, this question makes it back to the top of the queue.

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Chad:

If the coursepack didn't import successfully, we can investigate as to why. To do so, we will need you to have your authorized support contact submit a ticket with Agilix Support. However, the importing of an IMS package should have been the same for both BrainHoney and Buzz as they both use the same foundational code for course imports. However, we could more fully investigate this in the ticket with Agilix Support.

Do you know if the matching quizzes imported successfully before? I wonder if the export contains different code now. Either way, we can help investigate this.


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Thank you Brad. Please see request #8568.

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