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IMS Package import functionality

Chad T. Lower

A few months ago, we were looking at textbooks for a course update we are doing. As part of that process, a publisher was offering coursepacks with their books. We wanted to see what was contained in the coursepack, so we made a few dummy courses in Brainhoney and uploaded their Blackboard 9 coursepack and their IMSCC coursepack. The layout of the IMSCC coursepack was nicer than the BB coursepack, but when importing the IMSCC coursepack, the questions didn't load in a vocabulary matching quiz, but the BB version did have the questions for the matching quiz.

Fast forward to today when we decided which book/publisher to use and are trying to create the "real" course in Buzz. I imported the IMSCC coursepack successfully, but the questions are still not showing in the vocabulary matching quiz assignment. I tried to import the BB coursepack, and it looked like it was accepted, but when I went to view any of the pages, I received an error.

It looks like I can no longer access the Brainhoney website to try to import the coursepacks that way, so what solutions do you have for me to prep my course?

As a side note, the IMSCC coursepack has other quizzes as well (pre-reading quiz, chapter quiz) and these imported successfully (at least as far as we can tell), so it isn't all quizzes that won't load; just the vocabulary matching quiz.

Thank you for any help you can provide!


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