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Teacher - Marci Alstatt

Marci Alstatt

I'm an at-risk teacher with multiple Accelerate classes for the purpose of credit recovery. 7-12 math is my certification but it's not uncommon to have science, history, math, and/or English Accelerate courses as part of my semester class load, so answer keys are very beneficial, unless it's an assignment needing to be subjectively graded by a certified teacher in that particular content area. I, of course, work closely with the core content teachers, but try to minimize their added grading burdens by grading what I can. I've had some issues with the 8th grade Language Arts course randomly having a few blank answer keys and am wondering if these will be corrected anytime soon. As far as I can tell, I've not read where anyone's already brought up this issue, so mainly trying to make you aware of the issue.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Marci:

If this requires sensitive information (student names, credentials etc.) be shared to replicate the behavior I recommend reaching out to your school's authorized contact to escalate submitting a ticket to Agilix Support. 

If not, could you provide a screenshot of what you are encountering so I can better understand the current reported behavior and what the desired behavior is? 


Thank you,

Brian Williams

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