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Auto-submitted Incomplete Assignments

Anna Westaby

I have my courses in Buzz set to auto-grade late assignments as 0. I just noticed an assignment, several days after the due date, showing submission icons in the gradebook for all the students who had yet to submit it. There was no actual submission in any of those dropboxes.

When I check the activity history, it says "completed, needs grading" but the submissions do not show in my "needs grading" list. To be sure that the assignment remains in students' to-do lists, I manually un-completed the assignments, but they still show as the system administrator marking them "complete, needs grading" and the submission icon still shows in the gradebook.

This particular assignment does not count towards students' final grade - perhaps that has something to do with it? It occurred in both sections of this class, but I have not had it happen in any other assignments anywhere.

This is not an emergency, obviously, but just curious what is going on?


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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Anna, I've seen this type of behavior when the activity is changed from being non-gradable to gradable. For example, the completion trigger for the activity used to be that the student just had to select a "mark as complete" box or spent a certain amount of time on the activity to have it marked as completed. Then when a teacher changes the activity to be gradable, the previous "completion" flags the activity as needs grading but does not have anything to be graded.

However, I am not sure if this is the issue you are experiencing. I would recommend reaching out to you authorized support contact to have a support ticket created so that we can exchange course details and fully investigate the issue.

Thank you!

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Anna Westaby

Hi Brad, Unfortunately that is not the issue I am having - my assignment was always gradable, just not included in the final grade. I am working with my support contact to get a ticket set up. Thanks!

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Rick Huddlestun


Did you find a solution to this problem? I am having a similar issue, the only difference being that the assignments I have do count as part of their final grade.


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Anna Westaby

Hi Rick,

No, I never found a solution, and the course has been closed and all the students removed, so I can't duplicate it anymore either.

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Anna Westaby

Ok, so I had this come up again in a class this quarter. I have 2 assignments that are graded, but not included as part of students' final grade. The course is set to auto-zero late assignments. After the assignments came due, they were automatically completed in the gradebook, even though nothing was submitted. The assignments stayed in students' to-do lists, and do not show up in my "Needs Grading" list at all. The only place they show as completed is in the gradebook.


I will be contacting our support contact, but wanted to update this thread!

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Anna Westaby

Answer I received back:

The reason this is occurring in this circumstance is because of the way that those assignments are weighted. Because those items are set to a weight of 0 it's causing the issues with auto-scoring. Buzz has an activity setting named "Include this activity's score in final-grade calculation" so that you can score (and auto-score) activities like you would normally, but just not count them in the final grade.

You will want to change the weight back to a normal weight and then select the option that it isn't counted toward the final grade. This should get the desired result for what you are looking to do. Unfortunately this will only fix things going forward so the assignments currently with the issue will still need to be manually graded, but you shouldn't see any issues going forward if that change is made. Hopefully that helps.

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