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Assigning Different Badges for Different Outcomes

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Vincent Lewis

Is there a way to create multiple badges, and then award those badges to students for different types of outcomes within the same activity? For example, could we assign Badge X simply for completing an activity, but then assign Badge Y as well, but only if they score a 90% or better?

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Badges can only be automatically rewarded if the student completes the activity. Completion is defined by your activity settings (passing score, submission, etc.) but the badge(s) be rewarded for different outcomes.

However, a teacher could manually award badges to some of the users. For example, set a badge (Badge X) to be awarded to all users that complete the activity. After the activity's due date, the teacher could then use the Gradebook to select all students that scored (>=90%) exceptionally well, add them to the Clipboard, and grant them an additional badge (Badge Y).

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