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Apparent discrepancy between due date in student's To-do list vs. in the assignment itself

Jason Albertson

I received this screenshot from a student over the weekend. The course was created in the Eastern US time zone. The student lives in the Central US time zone. For some reason, his To-do list (left side) says the assignment is due "tomorrow," while the assignment (right side) says it's due "today." Anyone able to shed light on why that might be happening?




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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Jason!

I couldn't replicate this behavior from the configuration steps that were provided. Do you still have a current example of this behavior? If so, could you provide reproduction steps to allow me to replicate this behavior that is being reported? You may do so within this post, or you may submit a ticket to Agilix support if its undesired to communicate it within this community post. 

Jason Albertson

Thanks for the reply!

I have not been able to duplicate this behavior, and I haven't received any further bug reports from the student. I wonder if he might have just needed to refresh his browser.

In case it's helpful, here are a few more details on the original report from him:

  1. He took the screenshot at 10:55pm Central US time, Saturday, Jan. 26.
  2. The assignment's due date was 11:59pm Eastern US time, Saturday, Jan. 26.
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