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Amy Rountree

I would love to have a way to copy rubrics across courses. It is easy enough to clone them within a course, but it would also be nice to have a way to use them between courses, as I tend to have fairly simple rubrics for certain assignment types that are used pretty universally. 


I would also like to be able to export a rubric to a pdf or other doc type easily so that I can share it in that format with students, families, and teachers. Students can see them within the assignment, but in a blended format, I might give a paper copy to students to talk through the first time. 

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Jeremy Walker


The first part is easy enough.  I haven't messed around with the exporting or printing.

When I want a rubric from another course, I use the digital library to pull an item using that rubric into my current course.  Then I can apply that rubric to a new assignment b/c it'll pop up as an option.  I usually put the original item in a hidden folder or delete it after I've applied the rubric to the new assignment.

I hope that helps,


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