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Wendy Cooley

I have been working with a couple students in their student view/student account of Buzz, and have found that it  is difficult for them to easily see their gradebook and know what gradable assignments are missing for a particular class.    I have a suggestion to make it clearer to students that they are missing GRADABLE ASSIGNMENTS.

1. Right now, the student account's view of their grades shows ALL of the items in the Syllabus.  They can see it in Syllabus Chronological order or in groups of similar assignments.

I would like to suggest that Buzz give the students a view of their grades that looks more like the teacher gradebook:  a list of only gradable assignments, always in order from first to last in the class, no due date information included.  They need  very obvious blanks for anything that is missing.  I find that kids don't realize they are missing gradable assignments when they look at their current grades because it is very cluttered.  I believe they need a more simplified view like the teachers have in the class gradebook.

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Jeremy Walker

It might be nice to give them a filter tool so that they too can view by category or by unit, but I would suggest that you also give them an option for uncompleted items as well as past due items (they really need both as some classes don't really use the due date feature).

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NorthStar Academy: Kristi Velasquez

Agree, a student friendly 'management' page, like our grade book, would be very helpful for students. 

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