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Lag when typing in Feedback area

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Kim Russell

A teacher has reported to me that her computer lags when typing in the feedback section of the grading area. She's on Windows using the latest Firefox. She confirmed she's not using anything like Grammerly, but when she does type, she has to type one letter at a time before it registers in the field. This is the only field where she experiences this. The computer she's working on is less than a year old. She does, however, end up doing her grading on an older laptop which does not exhibit these problems.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Kim!

I am sorry this is occurring for the teacher! I tested using the latest version of Firefox and could not replicate a delay with displaying text in the feedback field of the item grader. Since it was stated that this reported behavior does not occur on a different computer that indicates this issue is isolated to that machine and is not an issue with the Buzz UI. Please have the teacher work with their local I.T. department to address this issue.   

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