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Due dates

Amy Rountree

I am teaching a non-continuous course, and I set due dates with the group settings feature. I would really love to allow students to complete work after a due date is past. In the old buzz, there was a box in each assignment setting you could click for this. I'm getting lots of emails from frustrated students! 


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Jeremy Walker

Hi Amy,

If you're doing this assignment by assignment, the setting is hidden here in the new format:

But, I find that it's much faster to go to the Activity Editor in the Syllabus tool and use the Bulk Editor that is available there:

Note that it won't show the option you want if you select items with and without due dates so I usually make sure to filter to folders that I've assigned already and then go assignment type by assignment type.  Hopefully, Agilix will allow more filters at some point in the future so that I could just select all items with due dates and adjust all assignment types at once.

I hope this helps,


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