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Please add the email feature from the missing assignments tool in BH to Next Buzz!

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Jeremy Walker

When doing a demo session of the Next Buzz this morning, someone brought this issue up again since it was a feature that we had in BrainHoney, but lost when we went to Buzz.  Many of our teachers have been continuing to use our BH portal in order to get to this feature.

In the BH gradebook, when a user activated the Missing footer, the number of missing assignments was clickable.

The pop-up box showed the names of the five students who had not yet submitted that assignment with the option of clicking on the envelope next to each name for sending individual emails or the Send Mail to All button below for a directed email to all who are missing that particular assignment.

Teachers (and parents and occasionally some students) really appreciate this tool.

In the current Buzz, we can show the Missing footer, but it no longer has the other capabilities attached to it.

We've asked for this feature previously but could live without it since our folk still had access to BH.  Now that BH is now going away permanently, can we please get this feature back in the Next Buzz?

Thank you so much for considering providing this incredibly valuable tool!

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Yes!! Please please please add this feature back in for Next Buzz!!

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Kevin McBride

This would be a great feature to have back. Currently, I have to scroll through all my students to see who has a missing assignment and add them to the clipboard, then send an email through the clipboard. This would save a lot of time.

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I still constantly use Brain Honey for this specific feature.  PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE add this feature to Buzz!!!!

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