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Fix the Blogs and Journals, please!

Feature idea (LEVEL 2)
Melissa Moreno

I am a math teacher and would love to use blogs and journals in my classes.  However, currently they are no better than simple text documents.  To be useful, we need the blogs and journals to have the same editing tool bar as the discussion boards.  Most notably, they are missing:

  • the ability to add images
  • the ability to color and highlight important text
  • the ability to create and edit tables
  • the ability to add audio and video to the posts

Please, please. please add these functionalities to the blogs and journals.  My students and I are tired of having to use external resources to accomplish what could be done (with some minor improvements) right inside of Buzz.


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Shanna Gebreegzabeher

Yes please! This would be a great feature to add and would be incredibly useful for not only math teachers, but across every department! 

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Susan Cox

This is a very reasonable request.  A blog or journal without images is rather useless.  It is a hassle to incorporate outside resources for these basic functions.

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Sarah Peterson

I have not used blogs in my class yet but was hoping too and then discovered this same thing. Just a word document...HUGELY disappointing and no better than the discussion board. Please add the ability to add: video, audio, and images as well as use creative fonts, colors, etc. Being able to include tables will be useful for many subjects as well.

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Joyce Deer

I look forward to working more with blogs - this would be an excellent and useful tool to have!

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Miranda Carlton

Please add this for our students and teachers! 

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Emily Nichols

We would love to be able to "stay in Buzz" rather than having to go to outside sources like Flipgrid to get truly meaningful interactions with our students and in our online classrooms.  Please give these items attention. :)

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Jodi Hook

This would be so helpful! Please do it! :)

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Katie Ahmadzai

These tools would definitely allow me to incorporate more blogs and journals into my classroom.   Please consider these as a priority.

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Brittany Mee

Yes, I would love to use blogs and journals more this way too in my Social Studies classes! 

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Thank you, Northstar faculty, for your passionate feedback!

We also agree that it would be great for us to upgrade these collaborative tools. Unfortunately, at the time it is a lower priority than other tasks that we are working on. I would encourage you to work with your account manager to better communicate your needs and to understand your options.

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Amy Rountree

My Students have already found a workaround where they do their journal or blog on a google doc and put a link into the blog or journal. But it would still be better to be able to use the tools right within the entry! 


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