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Course Editor "preview" option should open in new tab

Feature idea (LEVEL 1)
Meri Tunison


Please consider updating the UI for the new Buzz so that when a user clicks on "Preview" in the Course Editor the preview opens in a new tab. Currently it opens in the tab you're already looking at, which is frustrating if you are trying to stay in the editor and just get a quick look and maybe click around a bit with the preview. Thanks!

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Jeremy Walker

Huge yes to this one.  Our group is just starting to explore the new version and that's one of the first things they started complaining about.

Here's a similar ask - when you switch from the teacher app to the student app, we would really like to see the option restored that allows you to choose between opening in the same tab or in a new tab.

Thanks for considering!

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Scott Taylor

Thank you both for the feedback. We appreciate hearing from end users about functionality that would be appreciated. We'll include this in discussions for possible updates to Buzz.

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