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Flip Grid type discussion boards

Melissa Moreno

I love the fact that you have added the ability for teachers to give students audio and video feedback when grading assignments.  I also love the fact that you have added the ability for students to submit audio and video on assignments.  However, this feature is still lacking from discussion boards.  Our school is grades 4 - 12.  We would really like to have audio and video added to discussion board posts so that our student could utilize this feature.  Think about how much more life like online discussions would be if students could actually see and hear each other as they are making posts.  

Currently our teachers have to pay for Flip Grid to be able to get this type of feature.  We would rather have our students stay inside Buzz and utilize the tools and features in Buzz for this type of discussion.  Would you PLEASE add the audio and video feature to the tool bar on discussion boards?

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Jessica Armstrong

Yes! This is a great idea!

Wendy Cooley

Yes, this would be so beneficial for student learning and interaction.  I would love to see audio and video options added to student discussions.


This would be so helpful!

Rachel Knipe

Especially for learners in an asynchronous environment, a feature like this would enhance the feeling of connectedness and collaboration between peers! Yes, please! 

Scott Taylor

Thank you all for your feedback. This suggestion has been noted for inclusion on discussions for possible updates to Buzz.

Our entire foreign language department would be incredibly grateful! 

Brittany Mee

I love the idea of being able to see and hear students on the discussion boards; this would make the discussion boards so much more meaningful! 

Linda Anderson

Yes! Please! My students would LOVE this!

Shanna Gebreegzabeher

This would be an AMAZING feature to add to Buzz, and would make discussion boards so much more interactive and engaging for students! They would be able to see each other much more often and really get a better sense of classroom environment and culture. 

Lauren McNally

This would be amazing!! It would be so great for students to interact on a more personal level in this way and to give them that peer engagement that they often lack in online education. Plus it would be great for teachers to see and hear from their students in this way!

Bethany Walker

This feature would make it possible for elementary students to interact more with their classmates even if typing is still a skill they are developing.  The more students are engaged in the community where they are learning, the more they will continue with online classes.  This feature would be such a wonderful addition to the discussion board option which when surveyed was definitely a favorite of the assignments.

Mc Legrande

The best idea for discussions!! Especially for online students when they need personal interaction!! 5

Jeremy Walker

I would have teachers lined up to use those features of the discussion board.  It's much more in line with how students are using their personal technology and is the next natural evolution for Buzz.  We look forward to seeing this feature included in the system.

Jodi Hook

This would really help our students!

Miranda Carlton

This would be a great tool for our students and teachers! 

Shauna Mingus

This would be a huge benefit for my class!

Scott Berggren

That would be so helpful to have in Buzz.  Please work on this Agilix!

Cheryl Klinker

This would be very helpful. I think that students would appreciate this feature.

Sarah Beeson

I LOVE this idea!  I use videos daily in my grading and would love this feature in my group discussions - I can see PE DANCE videos coming to life!

Patty Farrer

Audio and video ability in discussions and posts would enhance my courses so much! Students have this ability in assignments, I would love to see this feature added to discussion boards and discussion posts as well. I believe this would help students connect with their peers and the course content on a much deeper level. 

Joey Beeson

I strongly agree that this would be a great enhancement that should be added across the board.

Amy Rigall

This would add so much to discussions and really allow students to interact! 

Susan Cox

Yes!  Please add this feature!

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