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Final grade showing as 0

Richard Miller

I am working with a Teacher that has 0% as the final grade in the grade book even though there are scores listed for assignments. What would be causing this?

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Jeremy Walker

Hi Richard.  When I see that, it's usually b/c some assignment was marked as requiring a passing grade to get course credit.  I usually go to the gradebook then click to focus on the specific student.  In that view there is an indicator on the left for such assignments.  Then when we remove that setting on the assignment, it solves the issue.  See if that helps you get headed in the right way.

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Richard Miller

Thanks for your reply. This helped. Thank you.

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Jeremy Walker

Yep, that's how that setting works.  If they fail that one assignment, they fail the course.

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Jeremy Walker

Let's see if this makes more sense.

This image shows what my test students gradebook looked like originally.

Note that he had an outstanding grade.

Now, I've gone to edit that first assignment listed and turned on the "Passing score required for course credit" setting.  Note that I've also set the passing score for that assignment as 90%.

In this last image, you can see that my test student has completed the assignment with a respectable 88.  But because 88 is less than 90, which is what I set as the passing score for that assignment, Bulldog George has failed the assignment.  Therefore, due to that setting, he is now failing the course.

The yellow arrows emphasize how this one assignment created the zero for the course.  The red arrow points out the indicator that I was talking about above that will help you identify exactly which assignment is sitting in the course with this setting.

So when I hear about a situation like you've described, I go in and look for that icon.  I discourage our teachers from using that setting unless they are being very intentional, very explicit, very transparent, and have communicated about it clearly in the course syllabus, several emails home, etc.

I hope this has been clearer and helps you solve your issue.

All my best,



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