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Laurie-Ann Wyse

Hello!  I have two questions.  The first is more of a functionality question, and second is more preference/aesthetics.

1) I am curious if the new UI will eventually include an assignment count like the present UI.  It would be nice to be able to see how many assignments need to be graded for each day.

2) Will the icons eventually be present again on the to-do list?  The generic icons are very bland and make it difficult to scan quickly for assignment types.

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Cory Bagozzi
Official comment

Thank you all for the great feedback. Understanding pain points like this really helps us to build the best product possible. We shifted some priorities around so that we could add the "count" of submissions in the Needs Grading list, so look for that improvement in the very near future. Follow our release notes if you'd like to see when it's released and other enhancements we make each week.

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Jeremy Walker

Agreed!  I'm doing a preview for my teachers next week and fully expect to hear complaints about those two things!

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Scott Taylor


Both of these behaviors aren't currently slated for an update, but they have been flagged for discussion from feedback we have received here and previously. There is no estimate right now as to when/if there will be changes to the new UI in regards to this feedback.

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Jennifer Jaworski

I would like to add my support for including the number of assignments on filtered To Do lists.  Much missed feature!

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Linda Anderson

Yes, please to adding the number of assignments on filtered To Do lists. Too helpful of a feature to do without!! It is "much missed"!

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Emily Nichols

We need the numbered "to-do" lists.  We need them.  Please prioritize adding this feature back to the new Buzz.  I depend on this feature on a daily basis.

Thank you!

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Susan Cox

This seems like a feature which can be easily fixed.  Please bring it back!

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Bethany Walker

Yes, this would be very helpful.  Please consider this request.

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Shanna Gebreegzabeher

Not having the To-Do list numbered is extremely inconvenient and makes grading on a daily basis very difficult, since you have no idea how many assignments need to be graded each day. 

When I grade, I search for the assignments that need to be graded by typing in the date that they were submitted. I really need to know how many assignments were submitted on a given day so that I know how much time I need to allot for grading. For example, just this morning (I'm still using the old version of Buzz because of this issue) I was able to do a quick date search and find out that in order to stay on top of my grading I need to grade 117 assignments today and tomorrow so that I will be caught up on the assignments submitted over the weekend. I never could have done this in with the updated Buzz. 

This feature is also essential when teachers come back from long breaks and holidays like Christmas break. We need to know exactly how many assignments were submitted every day that we were gone so that we can divide up the workload and portion it out over time.

Please consider adding this feature to the new Buzz. It will make life for so many teachers that much easier.

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Mike Morone

Is there a way to remove the display of the "To Do" list? 

It takes up space on the left, and along with the "Announcements" section, clutters up the left navigation area. 

I would actually like to remove both from my domain. 


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Jeremy Walker

Hi Mike, 

If you're talking about removing it for students, have you/they noticed that you can collapse it?

That closes up those fields so it's easier to see the course content up higher.

Expanded (blue & green arrows)


I can't speak to the removal options except to say I don't think they exist. Someone from Agilix will need to let you know if this can be customized.

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