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End Date Export Issue

Rochelle Nelson
Buzz adds a day to the end date of an enrollment when the data is exported. If the end date is June 1, the exported end date shows as June 2. Also, if an end date is changed on an enrollment, the updated end date is not reported in the export.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Rochelle! Thank you for reaching out. 

To better assist with investigating this reported behavior, could you provide me with an example enrollment ID where this behavior occurred and which Buzz report or method was used to export and view the enrollment end date? It is possible that the shift of the date experienced is due to the time zone of the local machine that is exporting those dates offsetting from the UTC time stamp stored in Buzz.

Additionally, how long did the user wait to run the report after updating the enrollment end date? The data may have been cached and would have needed additional time during the day to update before running the report again. 

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Rochelle Nelson

User export report is one example.  Buzz adds one day to the end date for all users.  Our users are in EST time zone.

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