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Student must complete before continuing question

Shane Foglesong

I have added an assignment to my course and selected the setting "Student must complete before continuing".  The course has been active since August and there are students at all different locations in the course. This is an assignment that I want all students to have to complete before they can continue working in the course, regardless of where they are.  I placed the assignment at the beginning of the course in Editor and on the Weights page. In the past, this would be enough to make that assignment need to be completed before any student could continue working. Currently it is not showing as needing to be completed when a student logs in. Thoughts?

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Scott Taylor


The behavior of not being gated by a new activity placed at the beginning of the course that requires completion wasn't able to be replicated on this side. Are you still experiencing this behavior? If so please coordinate with your authorized support rep to create a ticket for a closer look at the specific course that is affected.

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Mike Morone

Is there a way to turn on the "Student must complete before continuing" setting globally, for an entire domain or an entire course? 

If not, are there any shortcuts to going course-by-course? 


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Scott Taylor


At this time this setting can only be enabled on an individual item basis, which would require updating each item to toggle the setting.

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Shaun Creighton

Is there a way to enable this on individual items using the API?

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Yes, Shaun. You would need to use the PutItems API and update the item data's `flags`. Specifically, the flag you would need to add is `0x2` (gate), which requires the student to complete the activity before continuing.

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Shaun Creighton

Perfect ... this will help tremendously. Thanks!

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