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Ordering of course resources incorrect.

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Bruce Sharp

I'm adding folders for images to use in my Buzz activities. The folders are numbered (and were created) sequentially by unit - section. However, Buzz isn't sorting them numerically. For example, folder 7-19 comes before folder 7-2. Can you please change the sorting behavior?

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hi Bruce! 

While we will take this feedback into consideration, I want to share a bit on why items are displayed in that manner after bulk adding items to a resource folder. This behavior was observed after bulk-adding items through the course resources panel in Buzz and via FTP uploading to the course resources. 

This behavior isn't due to how Buzz is sorting after uploading. The behavior is a result of the upload process. During the upload process, each item added to the course resources is performed by a separate request (not as a sequential batch method) and so as a result whatever file is completed first the system moves on to the next item that isn't already being processed and whichever one completes first will be recorded in that order. That is why some files appear to be in the desired order and some are not in the desired order due to which systems are performing a request while the others are working on processing the other file requests. If you upload the files one at a time, or in theory could slow down the requests to upload, it would allow the system to upload them in the desired order. 

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