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Selecting multiple links to add to the agenda

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Gideon Seaman

We would love the ability to add multiple agenda course links in one setting (for example, holding ctrl or shift to select multiple course links). Or, as an alternative, if the folder structure would remain open for where the resource was added from, this would help from opening sometimes half a dozen containing folders. Thanks for the consideration!

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Kevin McBride

I agree. I like to use the agenda feature, but currently it is very cumbersome to insert course links. 

To sum up a few suggestions from different posts about ways to make using the agenda easier:

  1. Allow several links to be added at one time.
  2. Allow the course links menu to save where it was last opened. (Some teachers have multiple layers of folders to open)
  3. Allow the scheduling tool to work for agenda view.
  4. Allow the agenda to automatically populate the names of assignments that are due on a specific date


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Scott Taylor

We appreciate the feedback on ways to improve the experience when working with agendas. If this suggestion is a priority for you please contact your account manager for further discussion.

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