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Add a way to display the Dropbox directions within the teacher's grading window

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Meri Tunison
Hello! I know currently when a teacher is grading a dropbox submission, there is a linked title that a teacher can click to pull up the "student view" of the assignment dropbox, where typically there would be assignment directions. However, this navigates the teacher away from the grading view when it is clicked on. We have had a request from a teacher for an update to this workflow, to change it to more of a side-by-side view where the teacher can more easily reference the assignment directions and the student's submission. In the meantime, the workaround I recommended was to have two windows side-by-side: one with Activity view open and the other with the Grading/submission view. Thanks for considering!

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Jeremy Walker

This would be so much more convenient, especially when you're grading from the to do screen and grading some long overdue assignments, which tends to be the norm around this time in the semester.

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