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Sorting To-Do List by assignment date in Buzz

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Sarah Peterson

I have just joined my school and have a lot of back work to grade. I know that the oldest assignments kind of seem to be listed first but it is not consistent if viewing all classes at once. I would love a feature where you could type in the name of the month and see all the to-do's from that month only. This way now, in October, I could go back and just see all my September assignments, in all my classes, all at once and sort from there with a comma and search term. I typed in the number 9 as a search term for September but of course got inconsistent results there. 



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Scott Taylor

Thank you for the feedback Sarah! You are correct that you are able to type in the month in number form to filter it down, using "9/" might give you more consistent results. This request will be passed along to our Product Team for further consideration as well for easier filtering by month.

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Emily Nichols

I agree with Sarah.  I often need to search and view only a list or string of dates instead of exact terms.  More flexibility in the search bar would be a daily life-saver for me.

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

The search for Needs Grading allows for you to query by all visible data in the list. For example, if I wanted to see all assignments that need to be graded from October (which is displayed by its numerical value), I can type "10/". Other submissions may also be listed if they have "10/" in the title or student name, but this should be helpful for most cases.

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