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Observers not seeing the name of the student in the grade book

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Varshini G

I have an observer/parent role set up for a user to observe 6 student roles. But when looking at a gradebook for a single observed user, there is no name anywhere on the screen. It gets confusing when going from one student role to another. Will be very helpful if the performance page says the student name on the page for the observer or the parent.

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Thanks for the feedback, Juanita. I am passing this along to our product team to make this more apparent.

However, in the top right, there is an indication of the user you are currently observing. We display their image by default, but if that is not good enough, you can expand it to see the current person that you are looking at.

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Varshini G

Hi Brad, 

We have tried using this, but most of our observers are observing 20 kids form their schools. It is difficult to remember all their faces. It will be very useful if there is a name displayed. They have tried but it is becoming very difficult. Also not all students are uploading pictures so most of them are blank. It would be helpful if you consider this.


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