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Anna Westaby

Let me start by saying that I already know how to create and assign activities in clipboard. I am trying to do a little more than that.

I have a course that uses primarily written responses. I have a student who physically struggles with typing. Is there a way I can create a substitute assignment just for them, that would replace their written assignment, without affecting any other students? I have searched help documents and manuals, and haven't found anything. 

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Scott Taylor

It is possible to create a separate group in the course specifically for students in this type of situation for the course, and then you can modify the visibility of the written assignments so they are not visible to the students you wish to substitute for and then create an separate item that is only visible to the group that requires the substitution.

More information on the above method can be found in the help article: How do I configure group-specific activity settings? (With additional links on how to set up groups at the bottom of the article)

Another option is to use the clipboard as you do already and excuse the written assignment for the student so that it does not affect their grade.

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