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Creating New Classes

Phillip Knight

Good morning! I'm a new user to Agilix and I'm having some difficulty navigating. I've looked up the Help topic but it doesn't address my issue.

My course dashboard lists the content materials that I teach accurately; however, I see no way to create actual classes on the dashboard that I would use that content in. When I click on the "Manage Courses" button near the upper-left, the only option I am given is "View." There's no way for me to create or modify classes or courses at all. Do I need some designation in the system other than "Lead Teacher"? Any assistance in figuring this out would be greatly appreciated, as teachers start back to work here next week. Thank you!

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

You must have the domain permission "Courses: Create." This has to be granted by a system admin.

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Phillip Knight

Thank you for the response! I guess that means I need to contact my system admin before I can go any further.

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