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Ability to Change Objectives to Standards

Dana M.

In Buzz, is there a way to change/configure the wording of "Objectives" to "Standards" so that it aligns to the wording we utilize? 

Here are a few examples of where "Objectives" is shown in Buzz:

Teacher View:

This is through the new Editor.

This is a view from the Teacher under Activities:

This is from Reports – what we list are standards not objectives:

This is from within the Editor when opening the Activity Editor:

In the Gradebook, there’s a title “Mastery” that shows the standards. In the student view (see below) this is call “Objective Mastery.”


Student View:

This is looking at a student activity.

This is from the Gradebook:


Thank you

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Dana, yes you can replace phrases in Buzz. 

To configure it, you will have to go to the Domain Settings tool, and then to String Override under Advanced (see: You cannot replace just a single word in a sentence, but can replace the entire sentence.

For example:

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