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Odalis Tavares

Is there a way to exempt students from assignments through the quick edit gradebook feature?

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Good question, Odalis. Currently, there is not an option to exempt/excuse a student while using the Quick Edit. We do have the recorded as an enhancement request, though.

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Dan and Wendy Cooley

I would really like to see this added soon!  I miss that feature!


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Ursula Stacks

All of our teachers would really love this feature also! They ask about it all the time.

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Ursula Stacks

Brad -Is there anyway to know where this falls in the list of potentials features to be added in the next few months? We have kids enrolled into classes past mid year and the teachers spend a ton of time having to exempt each assignment that occurred before the student was enrolled. A quicker way to do this with a key stroke and tab type system would greatly reduce the time they are spending on this task. Or if there was a way to add a batch option feature like the one that exists for assignments. If you could select a student(s) and then have all the assignments listed that could be checked and then an option to hit excuse that would be another faster solution. Just wondering if this is something they can hope for in the short term. Thanks!

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