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Charlie Thayer

The Up Next indicator on the student's homepage seems to drive the student back to something that has not been "Marked as Completed". Is there any way to adjust or manipulate what the "Up Next" drives the students towards i.e. the last place they left off working in the sequence of the content? If that is not an option, is there any way now(or perhaps in the future) to manipulate the thresholds/requirements for Marking non-graded activities as complete or eliminating the need to mark them as complete at all?

Thanks so much!


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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Charlie:

There are two shortcuts available on the student's Course Home: Up Next and Last Visited. If they happen to be the same activity, we only display it once.

You are correct that Up Next indicates the next activity in the course–in sequential order– that needs to be competed. How an activity is completed can be adjusted per activity. For example, a non-gradable activity could me completed by "Views this activity for a specified time" or selecting a button that "Marks the activity complete." There are various conditions to mark an activity as complete for different types of activities. You can adjust it by editing the Visibility and Completion settings of the activity.

If the student's last activity they were working on is different the Up Next, then they should see a Last Visited shortcut to quickly jump to where they left off.

Let me know if this helps.

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