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Suggested Feature: Notification of Which Students Are On Line at Any Given Moment

Heath Hamrick

As a teacher who has anywhere between 200-250 students working in Buzz in non-synchronous classes, one thing I'd love to see is some kind of notification screen of which of my students are actually logged in at any given moment.  I can see activity from their personal gradebooks, which is awesome, but I'd love a place where the total number of my kids who are in-system and working is displayed at any given time.  Food for thought!

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey Heath, we do have an option for this today. In the People tool, you can select Options > Visible Columns > Online. It won't provide an indicator of where they are in the system, but that they are currently logged into the system.

You can then sort by it to aggregate currently logged in users.

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Heath Hamrick

AWESOME!  Thank you, I had missed that!


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