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Add "about" button above or below new help button

Feature idea (LEVEL 1)
Jeremy Walker

Since the "about" information is so helpful, could it also become an icon on the sidebar either above or below the help icon?

Honestly, it might also be nice if there were a button on the left that a student could use to report a difficulty with the system.  For example, say a test stalls in the middle of it or when trying to submit, if clicking the "trouble" button could capture any relevant data from the device and submit it to Agilix, wouldn't that be helpful in identifying issues that users were experiencing?

We all know that all too often, the users can't describe to you all of the things that we need for proper trouble-shooting.  If clicking that button could just make the machine give up all of the data that you think you would want at that moment, I would think it would make all of our lives much easier and allow for faster identification of issues and solutions.

Please consider both of these requests.  The first one should be easy and will help with gathering info manually.  The second one could be a real game-changer, but much harder to implement, I'm sure.



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