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Hiding grades in student view

Jocelyn Kolle

Is there a way for an assignment/grade to show up only for the teacher's view once complete? I have an assignment that once done I would rather the student did not see or have access to from their grade book but I still want to view the results. Is this possible?


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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hello Jocelyn:

If you set the score release date to sometime in the distant future, students won't be able to see the score they achieved on the activity until that day has passed. The teacher will be able to see the score/results and it will impact the student's overall score for the teacher, but it won't impact the student's overall score for the student until the score is released. 

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Jocelyn Kolle

Okay, thank you Brad.


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Bruce Sharp

I tried this and it didn't seem to work. I made an assignment. I set the score release date to 5/13/17. I switched to the student app (I'm enrolled in my course as a student so I can test things like this). I could still see the assignment. I went back to the teacher app and typed in a score for myself. I saw that the overall grade updated. When I switched back to the student app the assignment was still listed there and I could see that I earned 100/100 on it. Shouldn't the future release date have prevented me from seeing the score (if not the assignment)?

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Scott Taylor


With a user that only has as student enrollment the item grade will display (or not in this case) properly. When a user has both teacher and student enrollments in a course it will not show the same as a pure student enrollment user since the effective user permissions for the course are used when when checking the gradebook. This is working as intended. It would be recommended to use a test student rather than a teacher with a student enrollment when testing visibility of grades.

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