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Hiding grades in student view

Jocelyn Kolle

Is there a way for an assignment/grade to show up only for the teacher's view once complete? I have an assignment that once done I would rather the student did not see or have access to from their grade book but I still want to view the results. Is this possible?

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Bruce Sharp

Brad, does setting the score release date far in the future also prevent scores and score changes from showing up in a student's feed?

So if I make an assignment. Set the score release date for July. Type a score for that assignment in the gradebook. The student's score would change to reflect the grade, but they would only see a blank column in the gradebook screen and would not see a message in their feed that I entered a score.

Is that correct?

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

If the activity's score is not set to be released until the future, the student will not see any score changes in their Activity Stream until the score is released and they are still actively enrolled in the course. 

In the Grades page, they will see that the activity still needs to be graded.

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Bruce Sharp


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