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Google Doc Suite and Add-on's Integration in Buzz

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Jennifer Parzych

We have been trying to utilize Buzz in conjunction with the Google Doc Suite since we are a GAFE school. Our institution also utilizes the platform to teach professional development. What I love about Buzz is that it is a personalized learning system, where I can place all of my documents and websites right in the platform, my students/teachers never have to go outside the platform. However, I have noticed increased issues in regards to how I can have my students and teachers use the websites and Google Documents in Buzz.  When I place a Google Doc or Slide into the platform, I do it as a Website.

However, while my students and teachers can edit the document with in the Buzz platform, we are unable to utilize any of the add-ons, such as Read and Write. This is extremely important since the Buzz platform does not have built in capabilities of being able to read a document to a student or allow students to highlight passages. Further, when I wish for my students to collaborate on the same document, it will not allow them to insert an image from the insert tab. This becomes important if my students have images saved to the computer network folders, a Google Photo Album, or their Google Drive. They are able to insert images through the Tools tab and Research. The issue with this is many schools are starting to crack down on where students and teachers are getting their images from. I have some schools that have subscribed to ImageQuest (Britannica Encyclopedia) and everyone is expected to copy/paste, or download images from this program. Which the program allows them to do. Yet, when we go to place it into a document that is in the Buzz platform, we are unable to even copy and paste the image in.

While I understand the solution right now is to click the “Launch Externally” button in the File/Website App for Buzz, this is not keeping my students and teachers in the Buzz Platform. Further, many teachers are becoming discouraged due to the fact that the documents can not use images or add-ons within the platform. I understand that not every website or add-on can have a fix, since this is a security and coding issue. However, with programs/companies like GAFE, Office 365, and Texthelp (Read & Write), which are the backbone of educational software, I am hoping Agilix is working with Google, Microsoft, and Texthelp to come up with a solution to this coding issue.


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Kevin McBride

Is there a benefit from using Google Docs within the Buzz platform? I have always found it easiest to work from Google Docs in a separate tab/window in order to maximize the screen space.

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

There is not increased benefit from doing it within Buzz. And, unfortunately, we have very limited capability to fix issues that is caused by Google or another tech giant. Any limited capability by Google within the Buzz platform should encourage a user to use it in its own window.

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Matthew Bashant

A benefit is at the k-4 level. As we try to increase usage at the elementary level, managing multiple tabs can be an issue.

In terms of functionality, all points to an external tab are noted and accepted. If the students are collaborating through a live google file for class wide notes, etc, the additional functionality embedded within the window makes it a true one stop model for our youngest learners.

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