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Equations in Buzz feature request

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Bruce Sharp

It would be very helpful if Buzz could recognize equations instead of just expressions. Right now, I can only think of 2 ways to enter equations. One is to have the students type them is as text. This is a mess though. If I want 2x+1=4 Buzz will mark it wrong if there is a space anywhere in the equation or if they use a capital x or if they flip the two sides of the equal sign, or even it they write 1+2x=4. Making a list of all of the possible answers would be huge! Just transposing the 3 terms would yield 4 possible answers. Each of those would have spaces everywhere or sporadically interspersed throughout the equation. That's dozens of alternate correct answers to enter.

My preferred work-around is to make the question multiple fill-in-the-blank with the option of match expression (see below). Then I only have 2 possible answers for each side. The problem is that a Buzz would count 2x+1=2x+1 or 4=4 correct. I need Buzz to recognize the equal sign and know what needs to go on each side, preferably with the options Match and Equivalent available.

Type: F
Options: Multiple,Match
1) Type the equation `2x+1=4`.

equation: ________ = ________
a. 2x+1
b. 4

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Bruce, is that an example of an actual question you would use? If not, could you provide one? Are you testing their ability to write a specific equation, simplify an expression, or am I missing the point? 

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Bruce Sharp

Hi Brad. The individual question isn't the issue. In my geometry class, for example, most questions have the students set up an equation first. Then they solve for the variable and sometimes plug that back into an expression to find an angle measure or segment length. Instead of just giving credit for the final answer, I want to give them partial credit for setting up the equation correctly, finding the correct solution for the variable, and the final correct answer. Currently, Buzz doesn't recognize equations.

If you really want a question...

Point B bisects segment AC. AB=3x-5 and BC=2x+1. Find the measure of AB.

I want Buzz to be able to grade

the equation: 3x-5=2x+1

the value of x: x=6

the final answer: AB=13

Using multiple fill in the blank the last 2 are easy. The hard part, and arguably the most important part of the question is the equation.

Another example would be if 3x-5 and 2x+1 represented two supplementary angles. The students would then start by writing 3x-5 + 2x+1 = 180.

I would want Buzz to recognize expressions equivalent to the left side so if the kids rearranged the terms or maybe combined them to write 5x-4=180 it would still be correct. There is also those few who may write 180=3x-5+2x+1. Buzz would need to recognize the two sides of the equation, know what goes on each side, and match it to equivalent expressions.

In my head it doesn't sound too difficult :). I'm envisioning something like this where you let Buzz know to look for an equation, then tell it what each side should look like. Maybe with an option for an exact match or equivalent.

Options: Equation,Match,Exact

Eqn side1: 3x-5+2x-1

Eqn side2: 180

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