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Adding an option to disable spell check from the assessment template

Feature idea (LEVEL 2)
Susan Valentine

Elementary teachers often use the assessment template to test students on their spelling.  They would like a disable spell check feature so that if it is a test based on spelling a red squiggly line doesn't appear under the word.  

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Kevin McBride

I strongly agree with this point. We often have difficulty assessing students on spelling and grammar with the browser based spell check turned on. 

As a note, this feature was also suggested as Option to Turn off Browser-Based Spell Check.

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

This behavior is occurring from the web browser setting and not through Buzz. One could use a simple text editor like Notepad for students to work in to submit text based exams under a Dropbox. But even then, there are possible ways to skirt around it. Please reach out to your account manager to address this issue further. 

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Bruce Sharp

Be aware of the browser auto-fill too. If students practice their vocab on their computer, it will auto fill the word as soon as they start typing it.

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