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Buzz has not been licensed for this domain error message

John Struchynski

We've had a number of students receive the following error message ...

"Buzz has not been licensed for this domain."

These same students had successfully accessed their courses via Buzz previously. These students reside in the NDCDE domain.

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Michael Denton
Official comment

Buzz Licenses are awarded to the parent domain for each customer. The child domains of that customer are automatically licensed. The students of NDCDE would therefore all be licensed.

One possibility is that the students in question have a cached version of the application open in their browser. The current version, located by clicking the user's avatar in the upper right-hand corner and selecting About, is 2.0.29. (as of 1/5/2016)

If the version is behind, press and hold the <Ctrl> key while pressing <F5> to force the browser to download the latest version.

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Bart Krieger

Hello all,

We are getting the same error now at BHHS domain. While many people were able to log on this morning, now they can't (I know one student was on this morning and then can't log on with the same iPad as of now).   I personally have gotten the error on three different computers and an iPad. 

Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.



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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Bart!


I was able to access Buzz using the domain. If this is not the same domain, please specify. 

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