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Ilene Mitchell


I'm a teacher at Design Tech High School, where we have begun to use Buzz this year. I have a request/question about making assignments. When my students submit as assignment via BUZZ in a dropbox format, say they want to resubmit the assignment, the process for allowing them resubmissions is very multi-stepped, as it stands. I have to individually allow students to resubmit assignments, by clicking on "allow resubmission" only after a student submits the assignment. I'm sure you can imagine how this work quickly adds up for a teacher who has 165 students. Please, if you could look into adding the ability to allow multiple submissions from the get-go. This would be a huge help.


Thank you,


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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Thank you for the suggestion, Ilene.

I understand the value that this has in not forcing a teacher to allow a resubmission, but what is the use-case to allow a student to submit an activity multiple times without the teacher reviewing the submission? Wouldn't a teacher's feedback (review) be needed for a student to know what they should do on the next submission? If there are multiple submissions, is the teacher only concerned with the last one?


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Matthew Cooley

I'm actually having this same issue. With some assignments the possibility of a student needing to resubmit because of a mistake is reasonably high and the downside of them resubmitting before receiving feedback is relatively low. 


In general, it would be nice to be able to bulk "allow resubmit" (or really do any of the bulk options) for multiple assignments at the same time.

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

A few weeks ago, we improved this experience allows students to resubmit an activity multiple times if (1) the teacher has not graded the activity and (2) the due date has not expired. If the teacher happens to have graded the activity, then the teacher will have to manually allow the user to resubmit.

Thank you for your feedback!

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