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Teachers would like to have the Missing footer take them straight to an email option similar to BrainHoney

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Jeremy Walker

Melissa writes:

Last year I really fell in Love with the BrainHoney feature where I could set up a footer at the bottom of my gradebook that counted the number of missing assignments and with 1 click of a button I could email all the students that had that assignment missing. This was a great feature and saved a lot of students from failing classes. Please, please, pretty please bring it back.



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Niki Humpherys
  • Agilix team member

Our teachers agree. This is a huge time saver, please let us know if you moved this feature somewhere else.

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Kevin McBride

I would absolutely love this feature, particularly if I could also have it email parents in addition to students.

Currently, many of us send individual emails or send emails by group using Google Forms and the FormMule add-on. Both of these are more time consuming than I would prefer.

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Hilary Gard

This feature sounds amazing!  I would love for this to return!


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Joshua Graegin

I definitely agree...I think this feature would be very beneficial and have spoken with several teachers in our building who agree that it would be fantastic for this to return.

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