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RCSD eLearning Team

We'd like to see some improvements to the announcements that teachers can post.
Option to force students to view certain important announcements – when the click to view a course, have the announcement pop up and make them click viewed or mark complete or whatever
A way to see which students have viewed specific announcements
Ability to write one announcement and send to multiple classes rather than having to copy/paste for each class?

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member


I'll make note for your requests, but you can already post an announcement to multiple courses at once.

See 'How do I create announcements?'

Have a great weekend.

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Varshini G

Currently, on the student app, domain-wide announcements are not gathering much attention. They appear as a small notation on the top right of the page. It would be useful for the announcements to pop up when the student logs in to the application. 

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