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New admin interface--add ability to search/filter across domains

Implemented feature idea or fixed bug
Jeremy Walker

I love how easy it is to switch from domain to domain to sub-domain, etc. in the new admin interface.

Unfortunately, I don't always know where a course ended up so it's helpful to be able to search across all domains the way that we can in BrainHoney now.

For example, when a teacher makes his/her own copy of a course, for whatever reason that copy always goes into our top domain instead of the domain where the teacher's account resides.

Allowing me to search for the teacher's name in course titles across all of our domains helps me locate it that much more quickly.

Along those lines, if the admin interface would allow me to move a course from one domain/subdomain to another, that too would be a huge asset and keep us from needing to go to DLAP to accomplish that.

Thanks for all the great work on the admin interface and for considering this request.



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