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Group settings--allow mandatory grouping--Flewelling

Feature idea (LEVEL 2)
Jeremy Walker

Jerome Flewelling sets up discussion groups at the beginning of the year and has all of his students split up into smaller groups, which does allow the discussions to load better, a Buzz Tech Support suggestion.

However, he reports:

Now that we are doing the discussion board, I just found out that the students who transferred in later [after he initially created the groups] weren’t assigned groups.  (Of course this was after they had already posted.) 

He suggests adding an additional setting for the Group Set settings called  “Assign everyone to a group.” 

That way if additional students get added to the course, this settings should add that student to a group based on the requirements of the original group set-up.

Here is a picture of how that might look.

Thanks for considering this request.

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Varshini G

This would be very helpful! I have the same problem when setting up groups too.

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