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Allowing late penalties by time after due date

Feature idea (LEVEL 2)
Jeremy Walker

We are toying with adopting a school policy that would allow teachers to apply late penalties based on the time that an assignment was turned in late.

For example, 

1 day late =10% max deduction

2 days = 20%max deduction

We would like to see Buzz be able to have a setting with the due dates that allowed grade periods, but that also applied the automatic deduction.  In that way the system could show the score as graded by the teacher and then the score that resulted after the automatic deduction.

I think the deduction scale would probably best be set up in the course settings and then be consistent across all activities that way.

You probably also need to include the ability for a teacher to override the automatic deduction for an individual student in cases where other factors override the need to reduce the score.

Thanks for thinking about this request.

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Is there any word on this possibly being added as a feature?

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