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Black and Red Zeros

Kevin McBride

What is the way black zeros and red zeros are intended to be used? I had thought black zeros indicated that a student did not complete the assignment, but still has the opportunity to (similar function to a red zero with a retry).

I have noticed, however, that black zeros do not count against the student grade. Is the black zero supposed to simply act as an indicator that students have not completed the assignment, rather than leaving the space blank? Is there a way to easily change all black zeros to red zeros (perhaps at the end of a grading period, or just to let the student know how much the assignment will impact the overall score?

Do I have the right idea about black and red zeros, or am I misunderstanding the best use and purpose?


Thank you!

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Kevin McBride

It has occurred to me that it is also possible that there may be something wrong with the way my zeros are being applied to the final grade.

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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Any score of a zero should be reflected on the total (or overall) score. For scores, a zero could be displayed as black, red, or green. 

  • Black zero: The activity has a setting to be treated as a zero. This means that the student has not actually received a zero, but for the intent of score roll-up (i.e., total score), it is treated as zero. OR
  • Red zero: The student has received a score of zero and the score is a failing score.
  • Green zero: The student has received a score of zero and the score is a passing score.

Now, if the "zero" you are seeing is not impacting the total score, then it is possible that the zero you are seeing is not a score, but rather minutes spent. I am guessing this is the case for you and you can verify by changing the Score Display... options.

I hope this helps you.

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Kevin McBride


Thanks for the reply. This does help summarize the difference between zeros. I was experiencing black zeros not impacting the score, but it appears that this was because the grade column was not displaying an updated score. When checking on the grades screen of the student, I was able to see that the black zero did, in fact, have an impact.

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